Getting started with docker-compose prometheus alertmanager blackbox-exporter grafana

Just a short summary and some configuration files I want to pass on, the post should be edited later on.

The bellow configuration will basically help you launch prometheus with alertmanager, blackbox-exporter and grafana. These are the tools I’m using at the moment, having them start and stop at the same time is useful. I assume docker and docker-compose is running on your system, if not, the resources are quite easy to find, like how to install docker and/or docker-compose.


Puck’S NOT Dead Show – Romania Radio – 26.05.2015

Had a bit of fun on the #romania Undernet channel’s Radio Station today. Various music genres.


Major Lazer – Lean on (Kream Remix)
Calvin Harris feat. Ellie Goulding – Outside (Funk LeBlanc Remix)
Freddy Verano – If I Were Your Woman (Extended remix)
Justin Timberlake feat. T.I. – My Love (Dunisco Remix)
Mozambo x Pakem x Kungs ft. Julia Church – Soulmate
Dotan – Hungry (Lary Koek and Teecher Remix)
Junior Jack feat. Shena – Dare me (Stupidisco) (DAZZ 2k15 Remix)
Eric PRydz – Pjanoo (Sash_S Remix)
Disclosure – Help Me Lose My Mind (Mazde Remix)
Odesza – Say My Name (Mazde Remix)
Lorde – Yellow Flicker Beat (Ash Remix)
Mario – Let Me Love You (Tim Gunter Remix)
Chet Faker – I’m Into You (# Remix)
Didrick – A Part Of You (WRLD Remix)
Destiny – Time (Taptone Remix)
Tiesto – Lethal Industry (De Hofnar Remix)

Enjoy (:

Da Vinci’s Demons – Why are all historic men talented, handsome, sex crazy and against the rules?

For real, that’s my question after watching the first episode of Da Vinci’s Demons, why are all historic men figures handsome, crazy after women and sex, they are indeed talented and rage against the rules and the order of the time? Da Vinci, Sherlock, Shakespeare, The Musketeers, who’s next? Newton?

In case I want to brake it down, I do get it, somehow. Talent, yeah, of course they have it, otherwise they wouldn’t be historic figures, right? No one remembers Billy from mid town London in the mid 1500’s. Rage against the rules is another no brainer, if you always stay between the boundaries you never come up with nothing new, you have to have enough freedom to express or to at least try out your ideas.

But the hell is up with the handsomeness and sex craze? Sex may mean many things, is Hollywood trying to say that sex helps the mind work through some stuck moments, or simply it’s just a way of engaging people to watch it? In any way it is really interesting.

Were they all handsome? I don’t know, who can say that? We all know history can be altered in any way or form, so getting informations from those times is nearly impossible, yeah yeah, there are people who deal with this kind of things, I’ll leave it to them.

Historic movies and now series are interesting, they do bring a specific time back to our screens but don’t go and think that’s it has been, I doubt Da Vinci had something interesting for each day to do, maybe he was lost for weeks on some ideas, no one can tell us, what’s interesting for me is to see how some issues are interepreted or just a way they could’ve been done, like communication for instance. “XY wants to see you” type of messages, so it takes the messenger a couple of hours to get to the person who gets the message, goes back, the person who got the message has another couple of hours to get to the destination, so many things can happen. Haven’t it happened to you that you wanted to tell someone something and in 10 minutes it didn’t matter anymore, imagine that for a matter of hours.

Da Vinci’s Demons can be interesting, it has a message of some sort, push for your ideas, try, explore, but you didn’t need the series to realise that, you just had to know who this man was, same for the other greats, Newton, Platon, Einstein, etc. (I’m not good with names).

In case I thoughts get tangled in my head, be sure that I’ll spill it all out here.

About “Her” – The movie – “The past is just a story we tell”

“I’m afraid I will only feel fractions of feelings I have felt before.”

“I like watching people, think what they are thinking, feel through how much break ups they have been through.”

I am watching “Her”, a movie about a broken man after his long marriage ended. He’s lonely and scared, he’s needy and again, lonely. This movie is deep, it’s labeled a sci-fi.. why?

“Can I watch you sleep again tonight?”

He installs a new operation system which is basically a personalised assistant. The point is, he falls in love with her, without ever seeing her, without touching her, just talk and imagination. Now this may sound weird, I agree, it totally is, falling in love with a computer is unimaginable, but, it’s a movie, it’s about the message. I do have to agree, I am mixing my history in to this, seeing this movie is like seeing my self from the outside, perfect for self analysis. One thing I always do is imagine my self in to the movie, I was just talking to someone about this the other day, I can totally destroy my self because of one movie, only sleep helps me get through it. I imagine what they are thinking, feeling, mostly feeling, how can they feel what they feel, what are their thoughts and how are they getting there.

The movie shows a bond between two people that is not physical at all, just talk, just words, the power of words in this movie are shown so perfectly, how feelings evolve on the line of words, how far they can get a person.

Being only at the middle of the story it’s the high point, he’s in love with her, she’s in love with him. The bad part is coming, the really bad part is just about to come and I feel frightened because I know that he realises what he wants, he can not have, it will never be possible and he’s going to be devastated and lonely, again. I’m curious where it goes.

The thoughts flowing through my head say that a good relationship should be based on the same simbol this movie is about, words and communication. Find that bond, find that excitement, find the person that makes you get excited only by talking to her, gets you lost and then comes the getting closer to eachother, because that’s when it is going to be insanely amazing, there’s a build up, the end is always about touching. The in between is communication and talking. That is going to make it work. Period.

Watch the movie and try feeling what he is, try seeing the pain and the struggle, everyone will benefit from it.

P.S.: These are my thoughts, I ain’t perfect, at all.

How To Fix lvextend To The Wrong Logical Volume

In case you have extended the wrong logical volume with the freshly added partition, you can fix the issue in some easy steps. Took me some time to figure it out, there were no explicit howto’s for this, so here’s one:

NOTE: I followed steps from here, I stopped right before the “resize2fs” command, if you did resize2fs, well then you have:

Step 1:

Find out the size of the freshly created pv:

Output example:

Step 2: It’s those 10GB’s we just added, so we’ll remove it:

Step 3: Add the pv to the lv you wanted in the first place

Step 4: Smoke a cigarette, or as the guys mentioned on the #linux channel on Freenode:




How to read id3v2 tag from Linux Command Line CentOS 6

It’s always good to have a tool that can read id3v2 tagging, I’m using it in combination with liquidsoap, I’ll post the script soon, I just needed id3v2 reading for testing purposes, I found a tool called eyed that does this, here’s how to install it.

Enable the EPEL repo. (all command bellow need to be input as root)

Install python and other dependencies

Install eyed and it’s dependencies

Test the tool


Ignore the Warning for now, I’ll update the post once I find a proper fix.

Install Liquidsoap 1.1 on CentOS 6.4

This tutorial gets you liquidsoap 1.1 with MP3 support ONLY on a CentOS 6.4 fully updated system (was not tested on other yum based systems, but feedback is welcome).

The tutorial has not been fully tested yet, it has flaws I bet, I did one install and wrote down everything i could remember, it will be updated over time to make it as perfect as possible, please leave any comments you have.